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29. 10. 2021

News | Internship - Neogrid Technologies

For the last three months, Rikke Plovmand Christensen has been in an internship at Neogrid Technologies. Rikke is taking her master’s degree in Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University and is interested in investigating how people are using technologies in their everyday life. Her main focus during the internship has been on the domOS project regarding user involvement. She has been interviewing different users of Neogrid’s PreHEAT to understand how informed users are about the energy system in their homes, and how their experience is with an automated heating system. She presented the empirical results to her colleagues at Neogrid, which has given insight into what kind of expectations users have for an automated heating system. Furthermore, she has examined to what degree and how users are interested in being involved in data concerning heat and heat consumption.
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