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13. 01. 2022

domOS | Neogrid Technologies

Neogrid Technologies is a clean-tech company working with intelligent cloud-based energy visualization, monitoring, and control, utilizing know-how within wireless communication technology to develop Smart Grid solutions. They develop intelligent forecast-based energy management systems for both consumers, energy companies, and 3rd party actors. With their product PreHEAT, they make energy management possible for house and buildings owners and large-scale monitoring – allowing optimized individual and aggregated controlling. This consists of a data acquisition platform and an online control interface.

PreHEAT delivers a solution that reduces energy waste, allowing for cost reduction and a reduction in CO2 emission for their customers, without compromising the comfort in the building. Their solution enables the user to monitor, plan and even shift energy consumption based on knowledge of price, average consumption patterns, and intelligent weather forecast management. Their solution also includes advanced analytics, which is able to forecast energy consumption and flexibility, based on individual house modeling and advanced model predictive control, which means that the building is only supplied with the amount of energy it needs.

Neogrid was founded in 2010 in Aalborg Est and employs, at the current time, 12 employees. They have great experience in participating and contributing to research and demonstration projects within the field of energy optimization, both on a national and international level. Their solution PreHEAT is operating commercially in more than 300 buildings in Denmark, with 24/7 active online control and surveillance. The energy reduction potential with the PreHEAT solution is 10-15%, beyond traditional weather compensation.

In the domOS project, Neogrid will deliver a control and data acquisition platform (cloud and generic energy gateway) which can communicate to and optimize heating operation to achieve higher energy efficiency and flexibility. This solution will build on top of its PreHEAT cloud platform, which has been operating (and continuously developed) for more than 3 years and constitutes the backbone of its services. Moreover, Neogrid will be responsible for the management of the Aalborg demonstrator.

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